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The Importance of Flame Resistant Clothing

The Importance of Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame resistant clothing has the look and feel of everyday clothing, but with added protection.

There are many professions who run the risk of seeing burns resulting from fires each day, including electricians, refinery or pharmaceutical workers and many factory workers. If you run into the danger of encountering electric arc, flash fires or a combustible dust explosion during your work days or nights, flame resistant clothing is of the utmost importance. You can find a large number of flame resistant clothing options online, including high quality pieces from top brands like Carhartt.

While flame resistant clothing obviously can’t prevent fires from happening in the workplace, FR apparel can help protect you from serious injury.  According to statistics offered on the Occupational Health & Safety(OHS) website, the most severe burn injuries and deaths occur when non-FR clothing ignites and continues to burn. Flame resistant clothing is of course defined as clothing made of material that self-extinguishes when the ignition source or flame is removed. The OHS also tells us that, “over 2,000 people are admitted annually to burn centers due to severe arc burns,” and that daily in the USA, an arc flash explosion occurs in electrical equipment, sending victims to the burn center.

As mentioned earlier, Carhartt has great flame resistant pieces to keep you properly outfitted for work, including men’s work shirts.  Their FRS159 long sleeve shirt is made of a lightweight 6-ounce twill that is NFPA 70E compliant, HRC-1 and ATPV (CAL/CM2) – 5.8.  For a slightly thicker option, the FRS160 is made of a 7-ounce twill, a blend of 88% cotton and 12% high-tenacity nylon.  It is also NFPA 70E compliant but has an HRC-2 and ATPV (CAL/CM2) – 8.6.  Both of the shirt’s buttons down the chest and on the pockets are also made of a flame resistant melamine.  The main seams are all triple stitched for necessary durability and each are also made with flame resistant fabric by Mount Vernon Hills.

For full protection, Carhartt full body suits are essential. The FRR44 Quilted Overall is great for winter as it is composed of a 13-ounce 100% cotton FR duck, but also has a 10.5-ounce quilted lining.  These overalls are NFPA 70E compliant, HRC-4 and ATPV (CAL/CM2)-56.3.  A lighter weight option is the Carhartt FRR45 Unlined Overall.  Still made of a high quality 13-ounce 100% cotton FR duck, these work well for warmer summer months when you still need full protection.  They are also NFPA 70E compliant, but have an HRC-2 and ATPV (CAL/CM2)-16.  Both overalls also have flame resistant melamine buttons and ankle-to-above-knee brass leg zippers with Nomex zipper tape and protective flaps and arc-resistant snap closures.

When searching for flame resistant products from Carhartt, New York residents and visitors can locate them at Dave’s New York.  With workplace essentials like long-sleeve shirts, overalls, and even jeans, you can help prevent possible injury with any of these options.  Not only do these pieces self-extinguish, but they won’t melt onto the skin and they resist bursting open to expose the skin around flames.  Be sure if you are working around potential fire hazards you are properly equipped with flame resistant Carhartt clothing from Dave’s New York!