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Summer Storage for Winter Coats

Summer Storage for Winter Coats

The weather has finally warmed, ice cream trucks are making their rounds, and children everywhere are hopping into beach wear for pool parties, trip to the lakes, or just runs through the sprinklers. While our cold-weather clothes are the last thing on our minds right now, this is the perfect time to make sure it is appropriately stored until you need it again. Here are a few tips to keep your winter gear in top shape while storing this season.

If you have room, plastic storage bins are likely the easiest place to store your winter gear.  A plastic bin will not only keep coats clean, but it will also assure creepy-crawly insects like spiders don’t find a new home where they’re not welcome.  That way, when you put on your Carhartt Dearborn jacket next winter, you won’t end up with a spider bite! Wash your coats before storing them, and use a cedar block inside the bin to keep them smelling fresh and repel insects if they’re able to find their way in.  In lieu of a plastic bin, if you have no plans for vacation this summer, you can use your luggage.

To keep a classic Schott jacket looking good for next winter, you can also leave it hanging in your closet.  Use inexpensive coat or garment bags to keep your pea coat or bomber jacket clean and looking good.  Since Schott is known for using only the finest leathers and high-quality wools, you’ll want to make sure to keep your coat in tip-top shape. If you’ve been considering a military-inspired coat for winter, Schott’s stylish designs will be a perfect fit.  For example, their Classic Wool Pea Coat is styled as a naval coat, complete with military anchor buttons. It looks great with a suit or jeans and is strong enough to protect you from frigid temperatures.

Are you just now remembering to properly store your Woolrich Arctic Parka men? Well, there’s no better time than the present!  Make sure it’s dust-free, and should take a few preventative measures to keep it also insect-free. Extreme temperatures will do the trick, so you can opt for dry cleaning or purchase a large freezer bag and freeze it!  Simply place the coat in the bag, remove the air, and place it in your freezer for 48 hours. Remove and defrost for 24 hours, then freeze for another 48.  If you’ve never had problems with insects infiltrating your clothes, this step may seem overly cautious, but just a couple of bugs can ruin your winter gear.

Be sure to keep your favorite winter parkas and coats from Dave’s New York looking good for next winter. A few easy steps will protect them from harmful elements that could ruin them.