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Why Denim is the Ideal Material

Why Denim is the Ideal Material

That sturdy yet comfy quality of jeans, is something everyone can appreciate.

That sturdy yet comfy quality of jeans, is something everyone can appreciate.

Asking guys to buy denim for work isn’t exactly a hard sell. It’s the default fabric not only for work clothes, but for nearly every aspect of life that doesn’t require a tuxedo. There are lots of good reasons for it: denim will last for years, can stand up to harsh conditions and rough treatment, and becomes more comfortable as it ages. It’s easy to clean, can be worn with everything from a dinner jacket to steel-toes boots, and looks good on everyone.

It’s kind of the unofficial American uniform, especially for men. Denim is a big part of our history (think cowboy jeans and overalls for men), but it’s more popular now than it’s ever been. Here are a few of the reasons why you should make denim part of your work wardrobe.

Good Value

You can usually get a good, sturdy pair of denim work pants for a reasonable price, and you have many options, so you can comparison shop. Men’s denim shirts and jeans are also extremely versatile. They’ll go with almost any other work garment you have.


Everyone knows that the older your jeans are, the softer and more comfortable they are. But because denim is made of cotton, it has many other advantages. Cotton is lighter and cooler than wool, and unlike many synthetic fabrics, it breathes and wicks moisture away from your skin. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, which is important if you have allergy issues. And even though it breathes, denim is heavy enough to keep you warm when you’re working in a cold environment. These Lee Regular Fit Men’s Jeans are a perfect example.

Easy Care

The only thing you really have to remember about taking care of your denim clothing is that cotton shrinks in hot water. You have to either buy your jeans preshrunk or a little loose to compensate for shrinkage. From there, denim is easy: just drop your jeans into the washing machine. Technically, you don’t even have to iron them, either; just toss them into a hot dryer for a few minutes, and the wrinkles will come out.


Once you’re done with them, denim jeans can be turned into cutoffs, quilt squares … or use your imagination. And since cotton fibers break down, your old jeans can actually go into the compost bin. Some companies even recycle old jeans into denim batting for attic insulation!

Whether you go with Lee jeans, Levi’s shirts, or some of each, denim is a great choice when you’re shopping for work clothes. Few other fabrics are tougher or more versatile, comfortable, and affordable.

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